200 students will be selected for the summer school. To apply, the applicants must submit their application package, including:

  1. Curriculum vitae (in English);
  2. Motivation letter (in English writing is preferred; Hints: in the letter, the applicant should introduce him/herself briefly, his purpose to attend the school and how the knowledge obtained from the school fits their dream/ambition);
  3. Register their information at http://goo.gl/sczEqj

The application will not be accepted without any above items. The documents in 1 and 2 items must be prepared in PDF files and sent to the organizing committee email: truonghekhoahoc@gmail.com. The file names should be in formatted using their full name and type of document (for example, nguyenvana_cv.pdf for curriculum vitae and nguyenvana_letter.pdf for the motivation letter).